Go West, Old Woman

This will be short to allow you, the reader, to vent about your own kvetch. Many of you know I recently relocated to Greeley, CO to be closer to my daughter. The Rockies are beautiful, people are friendly, the same big box stores are here, and maybe it’s a little sunnier than Syracuse, NY. There’s one difference that shocked me, though; they don’t recycle in Greeley. You read that right.

It costs me $30 a month to recycle with a private company. A few nearby cities (Boulder, Loveland, Fort Collins) recycle; why not Greeley?

There seems to be a disconnect in Colorado between loving the outdoors but not bothering to recycle; our national recycling average is 35%; Colorado’s is less than half that amount.

I miss my NY blue bin.

Now it’s your turn!


  1. Dawn Chomyn says:

    Great post, Erm; love the pix u always seem to find!

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  2. towskimom says:

    My kvetch is about people who wear masks under their nose. I see it all the times at stores, even at pharmacies ( including the person who gave me my booster). I have asked them to pull up their masks and have gotten glares and comments like “it’s hard to breathe”. Stores that supposedly mandate their employees wear a mask dont monitor to see that they are work correctly. They might as well not wear one.

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    1. erminerose says:

      Dear Towskimom,
      Your kvetch is right on the money! Masks do have some added benefits besides keeping us safe: they help with allergies when outside. I wear an industrial-grade one to bed (possible dust mites), along with my eye mask (blocks blue light) and mouth guard (teeth grinder). I’m sexy and I know it! lol
      But back to your kvetch. I think it’s time to join the crowd and fight back. “I’m going to call Corporate Headquarters and report you, Have a nice day!” might be effective. If you’re hesitant, just snap their mask and run away. Good times!


  3. Hi, Ermine. It’s great to see your blogs again. You always give me something to laugh about and something to think about. Thanks for inspiring me every time!

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  4. beckthewhiner says:

    My ketch is daylight saving , or are we daylight spending now? This turning the clocks back for fall….what for? We are going to have shorter days no matter what time the clock says. So why? Why? Why mess with the time? Oy….

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    1. beckthewhiner says:

      And now I’m irritated with autospelling….I wanted to say kvetch not ketch!

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      1. erminerose says:

        Dear Whiner, You came to the right place! Didn’t it have to do with kids not waiting for the bus in the dark? Now they can’t go out and play after dinner because it’s too dark. Why not consider moving to Arizona, then you don’t have to deal with it! Personally, I’m not changing my watch, I’ll just wait until we “spring back.”


  5. paddywacket says:

    oh dear-how will you not be late for coffee???


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