Credit Card Crackup

Howdy, fellow kvetchers! Let’s get down to business–it’s been a rough couple of days trying to crank out another post to you. Suffice it to say I’m a bit rusty at using WordPress, along with all the changes they’ve made to the program over the last decade. Last night, I spent several hours on a kvetch about commercials, only to accidentally delete it. I couldn’t manage to retrieve it, either. Fortunately, Jay, my tech guru, has set aside some time for me next week so I won’t be spinning my wheels so much.

Today wasn’t much better. I wasted 55 minutes on a credit card issue.

Not so fast, Godzilla Bank. I’m not using that card, and stashed it in a drawer with a big note: Do Not Use.

I tried to get to my statement, but my username/password was wrong. Got a text password, finally set up new ones.

Grrr! The online statement is too small to see, and I couldn’t make it bigger. Was it a service charge for finally getting my points in cash after waiting till I had enough?

Sure, if I miss the payment, it’s a late fee. Those crooks! I paid it and felt victorious for a minute.

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Customer service folks are usually very helpful, but sometimes it’s a long wait. Oh, and then there’s the survey at the end. Sure, I’ve got nothing better to do.

What’s your latest kvetch about credit cards, customer service or anything else?

Now’s your chance.


  1. It’s the password problem for me. I try to stay organized to remember which password goes with which bank, credit card company, online shopping destination. Just when I think I’m all set, I get a notice that they’re requiring a two-step system: a password and then a security code that has to be texted to me. Makes me really miss my Woolworth-s Five & Dime.


    1. erminerose says:

      Sorry for the delay in answering your kvetch, Jim. Don’t you want to just hold your head and scream “THE BELLS! THE BELLS!” like Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame when you can’t get your passwords to work? The security questions in the two-step (not a dance) are getting harder, too. Eventually, we won’t remember the name of who we said our best childhood friend was, or what hospital we were born in. Then what? *sigh*


  2. lenialda82 says:

    Oh yes! And what about when they don’t remember your device (?????)! And they ask you security questions. Not only do you have to remember the answer, but decide capitals or not, St. or Street, HS or Highschool.


    1. erminerose says:

      Hi Lenialda, and thanks for your kvetch–your irritation comes through loud and clear. Well done! Yes, I think we can call them what they are: Trick Questions. How the hell are we supposed to remember exactly how we wrote them? How about some easier questions, like “What is your middle name?” or “What year did you graduate from High School?”


  3. KL Caley says:

    Definitely the passwords and now multi-factor authentication too, you sign in then have to confirm it’s you that signed in. It’s a crazy password protected world. KL ❤️


    1. erminerose says:

      Hi KL,
      Can we at least blame (an important part of kvetching, blaming someone or something) those responsible for all the annoying, stress-inducing, time-consuming security checks? Namely, all the crooks from around the globe who make money by stealing from others. To all of them: may you develop giant hemorrhoids that burn like a bonfire.
      Thanks for your thoughts, KL!

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  4. Agnes says:

    Oy vey, Ermigal… Your last comment to all the crooks leaves my hiney very uncomfortable indeed!

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  5. k2c1010 says:

    What about proofreading! Is it even a job anymore? Or does someone just push a button and Microsoft whatever program says text is good to go? I honestly have no idea, but whatever the newspaper conglomerate that owns our medium-sized city newspaper uses really needs an upgrade. Better yet, some good human being proofreaders! It’s about context, folks. We know that and those grammar/spell check programs just don’t cut it. They have no reader experience to bring to the task! Case in point from a recent local travel piece about the Ausable Chasm in the Adirondack Mountains — “Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks: Rafting, rock climbing, repelling, hiking and more”. Well, I admit that bouncing down a mountainside is not my cup of tea, but I don’t find it repelling!


    1. erminerose says:

      Dear k2c1010,
      My apologies for not answering your well-written, thoughtful commentary on the apparent demise of proofreaders. Don’t know about you, but I’m close to opening up a window and screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Spelling these days is atrocious, along with grammar. As for your scenario–“repelling” down a mountain—maybe it could become a trend, like making a funny face or screaming “You stink at climbing!” as you bounce past another mountaineer? Thanks for writing k2c!


  6. erminerose says:

    Put it right out of your sick mind, Agnes. You aren’t a scam artist last time I checked your activities, so no worries for you!
    Seeing the phony picture of Customer Service employees again got me thinking, though. What’s with the guy at the end of the line in the loud plaid pants–didn’t he get the memo it was picture day? Yeesh.


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