Christmas Cookie Kvetch

Back in September, I was recruited to be on the Social Committee of the place where I live. (Note: It’s a pleasant development of condos and townhouses in Greeley, CO. We have a great mix of all ages, not just old folks like me.)

There are five of us in the group, and so far we’ve had a wonderful Chili Cookoff, started a Game Night, and a Christmas Party last weekend complete with Santa, tons of treats and a hot chocolate station with all the fixin’s–marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate-coated spoons and big pretzels dipped in chocolate and sprinkles to stir it.

The Committee was charged with each baking five dozen cookies. Rats. The older I get, the less interested I am in cooking and baking. Even worse, I end up sampling each batch (for quality) and eating whatever I bring home.

All I needed was a mixer, cookie sheet, and The Three Amigos. No eggs, either.

I wanted something easy-peasy. Google offered several versions of an “Only Three Ingredient Cookie Recipe.” Hip-hip Hurray! Red and green sprinkles would make them look labor-intensive. I ran to King Soopers for the ingredients.

Women can be very competitive with their baked goods.

Of course, what I made were basic sugar cookies. I was annoyed that the red sprinkles were actually pinkish, and with the green sprinkles, the cookies looked Easter-ish instead of Christmas-y. Really, though, I didn’t give a fiddler’s fart.

You may be asking, well then, what is your kvetch? You made some easy cookies. What’s the big deal?

Well, with lots of other choices that afternoon (some of the bakers had gone to great lengths to make masterpiece cookies and treats), not everything got eaten. I forced a couple of people to take some of mine home and left a container of them on a neighbor’s porch, running away after ringing the bell.

I worked too hard to throw them away, so now I have to eat the leftovers.

They’re unattractive, but delicious.

Do you have a kvetch about the holidays?


  1. Rose says:

    That’s the Christmas spirit Erm… 💚❤️💚 So glad to hear you are doing well in Greeley. I’m baking Christmas cookies with my granddaughter on Thursday. The Kris Kringle recipe is very much like yours… sugar cookies! Take care dear friend!

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    1. erminerose says:

      Sounds like a fun time, Rose! Make sure you both sample them for “Quality Control.” Thanks so much for reading–and don’t forget, this is the place to kvetch whenever you want!


  2. Agnes says:

    Yeah….you didn’t send any to me. 😦

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    1. erminerose says:

      That’s for damn sure–too expensive to mail them, Agnes!


  3. Susan says:

    Miss you here, Ermine, but glad you’re enjoying Colorado. The cookies look fine; I’d have eaten them.

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    1. Judy Carr says:

      Wonderful to hear your delightful humor again…..Hope you are well!!!!


      1. erminerose says:

        Hi Susan, Miss you and all my Syracuse peeps, too. Ha–that’s just a stock photo, not the ones I made. I actually stole them back from the porch when they were still there a day later–and ate every single one! They were good. Thanks for following!!


      2. erminerose says:

        Hi Judy! All is well. Good to hear from you, my fellow writer. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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