Epic Breakfast

The other day, my friend and I went to a popular Greeley diner, The Epic Egg. It’s a charming place with lots of windows and an upbeat vibe.

My Paul Bunyan-sized pancake came with at least 3 scrambled eggs. The Epic Egg gave me enough for a triathlete.

I’ve never seen a pancake that thick, have you? Everything got polished off in the next couple of days in the comfort of my home.

Do I have a kvetch about the Epic Egg, then? Nope. As long as they can make a living keeping customers well-fed and happy, I don’t.

After our epic meal, my friend gifted me with some Costco deals, which will help ameliorate the effects:


Thanks for reading, friends, and I have a request: Please share your kvetches, too! Any complaint about daily life that you have is welcome, and remember that you’re doing a service to our fellow human beings by offering a distraction from reality right now.



  1. k2c1010 says:

    Well, that pancake reminds me of the 12-incher they serve at Mother’s Cupboard on James St.! I had it once. One time only. But I have to admit I finished it in one sitting!


    1. erminerose says:

      Wow! You must have been on a 20 mile hike cleaning a trail, Karen! Argh– now I want one again. 😩


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