Calendar Madness

Do you have a spankin’ new calendar ready to make your life more organized?

At this time of year, I love buying calendars for myself and others. (Me first, of course.) I had a different topic planned for today but can’t find my chicken-scratch notes, so let’s talk about these wonderful creations instead.

Really? How can one be happy every day?

First off, the preeminent store to get some good deals is Big Lots. I hit the jackpot and snagged the last “Best Life Planner” with a catchy pink & orange cover. Turns out, it’s the same version as I had last year and is way, way too much for a retired person. But I couldn’t resist possibly being totally organized in 2022!

The first page is for stating “My Personal Mission Statement to Live My Best Life!” which I totally missed last year. Heavy stuff–that calls for a strong cup of tea and a (big) handful of sugar cookies for inspiration, don’t you think?

There’s also a quote for each month (don’t you love those? So inspiring!)

Wait a minute! I’ve been had–this is a school year calendar for July-June! Son of a Pup. Anyway, here’s the July 2021 quote:

“Having a vision for your life allows you to live out of hope, rather than out of your fears.”–Stedman Graham

Things are coming into focus now; the only “Stedman” I know is Oprah Winfrey’s beau/”long-time companion.” Apparently, he was given the task of unloading the outdated Best Life Planners. Sure, confused old gals like me will buy these by the truckload. They should be giving them away! Nice, Stedman, very nice. May your next calendar be missing a few months, too.

On top of that, silly me thought a picture of him would be appropriate, but there are barriers to using images of famous people. So here’s a free picture of an obviously shady salesperson.

This person looks nothing like Stedman and seems to be in olden times, but it was available.

Let the buyer beware, even with discount calendars!

Anyway, I got some outstanding wall calendars for friends, from Paris pix to French Bulldogs to Richard Simmons Quotes & Poses. I went a little overboard and have a couple Don’t Be Afraid to Be Great ones. Any takers?

Maybe I’ll send the Best Life Planner to Stedman and ask for the other half of my calendar.

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!