Where the Heck Am I?

Howdy from Greeley, Colorado! Bet you thought I ate some bad beef bar-b-que and have been down for the count, but for five months? Truth be told, I’ve been busy promoting my book, EVolution: Rose & Vera Save Mother Earth which was published in June.

It’s been fun and challenging, but ol’ Ermigal is just getting started!

The book project has morphed into an important cause that I’m passionate about–recycling. After I moved here from Central New York, I was surprised to learn Colorado has a pathetic rate of recycling: only 14%! Boy, have I been kvetching about that!

The good news is the law that was passed a few months ago, the Producer Responsibility Program, which “requires producers of packaging, paper products, and food service ware to fund a statewide recycling system to recycle those materials.” More on that soon; now, back to kvetching!

What the … ! “Exit Only” ?

May I share with you the challenges of navigating a new area after decades in Syracuse, NY? FYI, I get lost easily because I’m “geographically challenged,” always have been. After two years here, I can get to maybe four places without using my car navigation.

The other day I was headed to my credit union but navigation said to make a U-turn asap. Traffic was heavy and I was getting stressed, then I spotted a familiar place: Dutch Brothers.

(Never been there, and thought it was a paint store until recently, when I figured out the perpetual line of cars outside must be a coffee shop or something.) Got stuck in the line of cars, and when I tried to get out, almost had a major fender bender with a car coming out of the exit of Dutch Brothers.

Help! The only option was to go thru the line. That’s just great, Ermigal. Nice work.

After waiting for about 12 cars to get their calorie-laden, unhealthy beverages, I finally got to where I was going. Yeesh.

That’s enough kvetching for tonight.

Reminder, our editorial board is always looking for kvetches, big and small, from you, Dear Reader.

Kvetch a little, you’ll feel better!