Is It “Misspell” or “Mispell”?*

Hello, Fellow Kvetchers!

Let’s get right down to business, OK? Sure, we’re going to hell in a handbasket right now–I’m not going to lie–but would it be acceptable if I had written “hanbasket” or “handbakset”? Hell, no!

More Useless Crap to Clutter Your Kitchen

“Why does it matter?” you may ask. (Or “Why does any of it matter?” if you’re really checked out.)

It matters to some of us, that’s why. We’re getting sick and tired of seeing typos, misspellings and grammatical errors in printed matter. (If you find an error in this post, though, I don’t wanna know.)

Here are a couple that make my blood boil:

Its/It’s as in a flyer for Kohl’s that described an appliance as “Versatile blending at it’s best.”

You’re/Your as in “Your the best!” or “Let’s meet at you’re house.” If they look fine to you, check with Professor Google.

That’s my kvetch–what’s yours?

* That’s a word that many people, including me, have to think about; the two “ss” version just doesn’t look right for a second, at least to me.